Magargee Films


Collin Magargee

    I've always respected the impact a single video can make.  Video has the power change someone's opinion, attitude, or even their life and that's what motivates me to be a videographer.  It allows people to communicate with anyone, anywhere on the planet.  Videos made an impact in my life and I want to make an impact on others.

   My passion is to create films that are engaging, creative, and inspiring.  I believe videos should communicate value; information that is going to improve someone's lifestyle, whether that's a product, training course, or inspirational music video, I seek to work with companies and individuals who share the same mission to improve lifestyles.

    Over the past 9 years, I have made promotional videos for businesses of various sizes and industries.  I have shot wedding films, music videos, real estate films, kick starter videos, travel films, fitness videos, and drone videos; all of which focus on promoting a better lifestyle.  I love working on projects that challenge my creativity and skills as a videographer.  

​                                                  *FAA CERTIFIED UAV REMOTE PILOT​